• I do not make any tours. I can travel to any destination only by private exclusive invitation from you with an advanced notice.
  • There will be a 50% deposit required in advance on all international encounters and a 30% deposit required in advance on all national encounters outside Bucharest. Travel and accommodation are to be provided by the Gentleman and paid for prior to our date. All encounters accepted only at 4/5 stars hotels. I kindly prefer to handle my own personal travel arrangements unless requested differently. Travel costs will be reliant on current airlines rates. Business/First class seats will be required on flights lasting for more than three hours in duration.
  • If we haven’t met before and you wish to pass several days together outside Romania, you have to pass my screening process. First, you have to provide a full info about yourself which includes your real name and surname: a copy of your ID, a copy of your business card, your company’s official website or your LinkedIn profile, so I can verify you. Second, I will need to know your interests, hobbies, special preferences or requirements during our trip.
  • I would like both of us  to stay relaxed and comfortable with each other during our luxury vacation or business trip. However, I will ask for an uninterrupted 7-8 hours night sleep and around 2 hours daily time for my personal needs (facial treatments, bath, hair, make-up, personal phone calls, emails etc). I may ask for a separate hotel room. I need my own space and privacy as you do and I hope you will understand this.
  • Please note, without main details or info sent from hidden emails (like gmail, yahoo, mail etc) I will not consider your offer seriously. I may also ask you to provide me a review about yourself from other escort companion (this is optional).